Thru the Windshield…How do we look to those passing by?

Submitted by: Marjorie Klise

Our new year has begun and the Moss Bradley Residential Association calls its members and friends to join in making sure that our neighborhood is one that is strong, inclusive, friendly and productive. With that in mind we will take a few minutes here to take inventory and make sure that we are reaching those ambitious goals.

Are we strong?  Our voices are heard and respected by city officials. We host candidates’ night and vote in large numbers. We carry out activities and projects that promote our area and the good of the city as a whole.

Are we inclusive? All residents are part of any discussion, paid members or not. Renters are welcome as members and their input is appreciated. We coexist with educational and religious institutions where we support each other and work out difference when they occur.

Are we friendly? No one parties like we do! Our front porches are always filled with neighbors and conversation. The amazing number of dog-walkers act as ‘town criers’ and they spread the news to all.

Are we productive?  We raise funds to support our efforts. Our Moss Ave Sale and annual dues make possible our holiday evergreen swags, our Patriotic Ice cream Social and other celebrations thruout the year. We are represented at City hall commissions and hearings. We contribute financially and offer support  to other organizations that promote neighborhood health.

BUT, there is always room for improvement. So come to our next meeting…..the first Wednesday of every month…and help us do even better. We all have ideas…and complaints…and questions…and solutions.  Come with your ideas and questions. Bring your plans. Listen to others. Our Board of Directors will ask and we will tell and MBRA will be even stronger, more inclusive, friendlier and more productive because of you!