MBRA Volunteer of the Year Award and MBRA Beautification Award

The Moss Bradley Residential Association has established the Volunteer of the Year and Beautification Awards to recognize individuals who have and continue to make an impact in our neighborhood and quality of life.  Please use the forms below to submit an individual for recognition.  Nominations due by March 31, 2020.  Current MBRA board members are not eligible for nomination.Winners will be announced and recognized at the Annual Meting & Potluck Dinner in May.

Volunteer of the Year Award

This award recognizes and honors a volunteer  who sets a standard for service, encourages a sustained commitment to neighborhood participation, and inspires others to make service a central part of their lives.  The following is criteria to be used in nominating a Volunteer of the Year:

    • Resident of the Moss-Bradley Residential Neighborhood or member of the Moss-Bradley Residential Association.
    • Record of neighborhood involvement i.e., past service on the MBRA Board*, member of the MBRA Social Committee, contributor to the MBRA newsletter, volunteer for the Moss Avenue Sale,  4th of July Celebration, Neighborhood Clean-up, Christmas Party, Tri-Corn Park, or Annual Meeting, etc.
    • Record of community involvement which serves the interests of the neighborhood i.e., Bradley University liaison, West Bluff Council, Peoria Historical Society, Westminster Food Drive, River City Marathon, Historic Preservation Commission, City Council, Moss-Bradley Revolving Fund, etc.

Past Award winners include Paul Masick, Ed Bannon & Joanne Tarbuck, Dan Callahan and Jan Krouse.

Beautification Award

This award recognizes and honors an individual, couple or family who demonstrates above-average efforts in maintaining his or her property and contributing to the overall appearance of the community.

    • Property within the Moss-Bradley Residential Neighborhood.
    • Exterior improvements that have enhanced the appearance of the property and of the surrounding neighborhood.
    • Exterior maintenance that enhances the appearance of the property and of the surrounding neighborhood.
    • Photographs are encouraged.  If possible, submit a photo with your nomination.

Past Award winners include Andrew & Mary Muir, Wayne Johnson, Nathan Fredrick and Randall Bauer.

MBRA Annual Awards Submission Form

Volunteer of the Year Award Submission Form


Beautification Award Submission Form

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