Thru the Windshield…How do we look to those passing by?

Thru the Windshield…How do we look to those passing by?
Submitted by: Marjorie Klise

Do you know the pain of birth? If not, ask your wife or your sister. Or better yet, ask your mother. Birth is hard but even scripture tells us that the subsequent joy is greater.

We are about to see the birth of a total new look at our largest neighborhood traffic intersection. The city traffic engineers provided ample opportunity for citizen input. The engineers and planners listened to our needs, our fears, our concerns and our wish list. And they gave us a plan. We tweaked that. And they listened again. And again. We have a unique sight project ahead of us. (It is a shame that none of the adjacent neighborhood groups sent representation to the Traffic Commission meeting where we could have shown our support.)

So we have a plan. The painful birth process begins now. We will have traffic delays. We will have traffic detours. We will have inconvenience beyond belief. But we will make the best of it. We will survive. Please be patient.

With porous pavement and water drain-off planters and attractive benches and safe pedestrian crossing, plus slower traffic and calming devices on the side streets, our neighborhood will thrive and our neighborhood businesses will flourish.

Birth is painful yet beautiful.


The President’s Message

At last night’s board meeting we discussed at length our transition to the digital newsletter. It has always been the goal to be inclusive of all members of our neighborhood and develop the newsletter as a means to more efficiently communicate with all of our members…The submissions from our veteran neighbors are treasured and the newer features and articles are valued and encouraged. The new digital newsletter may have a new look and feel, but it is still the content that is most important. Inherent in change sometimes leads to push back or reluctance to move ahead and blend in. We encourage all to embrace the opportunity of the new format and continue to contribute to our newsletter.

Jim Evenhuis, President
Moss Bradley Residential Association

Upcoming events & happenings in our neighborhood

  • Main and University intersection construction
  • Washington School Sale
  • April 19 Great American Cleanup
  • May 7 MBRA Potluck
  • May 18 River City Marathon
  • May 18 Grand Tour of Homes
  • June 7 Moss Avenue Sale

Meet Our Neighbors: Ed Tarbuck & Joanne Bannon


Street you live on:
We live on Moss

How long have you lived in the neighborhood:
Ed moved in and began renovations in 1999, my three children and I moved in after Ed and I were married in 2000.

Best thing about where you live:
Best thing about living here is the eclectic nature of our neighborhood. So many people are willing to pitch in on projects that define our association. From a broader standpoint, we love the fact that we can enjoy the many benefits of our city. Downtown restaurants and pubs provide countless live music events. Civic Center events cater to a wide audience, are usually very reasonably priced, and readily available tickets. We both genuinely enjoy the hometown, friendly feel of the Peoria area.

Where are you originally from:
Ed is originally from Calumet, Minnesota, I was born and raised here in Peoria.

What kind of work do you do:
Ed is a geologist and writes a series of five college textbooks in Earth Science, Geology and Atmosphere. I’ve worked at Bradley and ICC in Student Services/Education Administration, but currently work with Ed from our home office proofing, editing, and updating his manuscripts.

We especially enjoy traveling–especially wine country and, of course, anywhere Ed can always find an interesting geological site to explore! Last fall, we enjoyed a (short, but sweet) trip to Argentina where we visited a few significant geologic sites as well as the iconic wine region in Mendoza.

Your idea of “the perfect day”:
Ed’s perfect day would center on his “stay up late, get up late” mantra and would include some combination of fishing, drinking nice red wine, enjoying a good meal, and watching a great movie. I enjoy all those things, (most to a lesser degree–fishing, for example) but add the flavor of time with family and friends, and we’re good to go!

Favorite meal:
Our favorite foods are, undeniably, Italian! Our favorite places in Peoria are locally owned where we can always enjoy great meals with family and friends!

One World Cafe

oneworldGrowing up on the south side of Chicago, Bob, Sam and George Eid worked in their dad’s neighborhood stores learning about fresh produce, meats, and old fashioned customer service. The Eid brothers also spent time in the kitchen helping their mother turn simple ingredients in to great food. It was there they learned that great food and hospitality is an art that has the power to bring people together. The combination of the brothers entrepreneurial spirit and raw business experience was the spark for opening a café concept.

In 1993, the Eid boys and their friends opened One World, located on the corner of Main and University Streets, as a one room coffee shop and it quickly evolved to the One World that you see today, a full service restaurant and bar, built on the foundation of quality, consistency, variety and hospitality. Their guiding principle is that food and hospitality are art forms that can bring people together.  They have a full menu serving breakfast and lunch all day. Dinner entrees are available after 4 p.m. everyday of the week. Their selection of fresh food served in a comfortable, artistic atmosphere gives us the unique flair that has helped them become a local favorite.

Councilman Chuck Grayeb

I wish to report that work continues apace on the West Bluff Intersection remake and the treatments intended to protect the adjacent neighborhoods. We have had numerous meetings and discussions with the public and I feel the plan is solid and will make for a safer more visually appealing West Bluff. We hope to reeducate the public to understand that the West Bluff streets are not better than I-74 to reach downtown and that other routes are as efficient when traveling. 

Also, I wish to report that we will soon need to meet in reference to whether or not we have a strong suitor for 839 W. Moss. This may require a special MBRA meeting. For additional information on the West Bluff road redux, you may navigate to the City of Peoria website and you can go to the area where it is discussed. Please be careful during the winter storms.

Best Wishes, Chuck Grayeb

Also, I wish to report that we will soon need to meet in reference to whether or not we have a strong suitor for 839 W. Moss. This may require a special MBRA meeting. For additional information on the West Bluff road redux, you may navigate to the City of Peoria website and you can go to the area where it is discussed.

Please be careful during the winter storms.

The Central Illinois Jazz Society

David Hoffman and FriendsSubmitted by: Dick Marsho, President

Sunday, March 16

Presents: Illinois Central Jazz Train at 6:00 p.m.

Guest Group: David Hoffman and Friends at 7:15 p.m.

Admission: $5.00 Members | $7.00 Non-Members | Students are free

David Hoffman will be doing something different for this program. It will be a surprise called “Life of a Groove”. David will present original music that draws from many idioms that have influenced him, including jazz, funk, r&b, ethnic and world music. He will be drawing on the unique talents of friends that play unusual instruments, or usual instruments in unusual ways. Those who have attended previous programs know how talented David is as a writer and as a performer. He has performed regularly with the Central Illinois Jazz Society House Band and as a guest performer. He is well recognized as an instructor and mentor for developing musicians. He also performed as an arranger and composer with the Ray Charles Orchestra throughout the world for more than 13 years.

The Illinois Central Jazz Train, directed by Larry Harms, will play during the first set. The Jazz Train is an Illinois Central College performing group, where they present two concerts per year. The Jazz Train includes some of the finest young and seasoned jazz musicians in Central Illinois. They have a big band sound with an extra kick.

For more information call 692.5330 or visit

Run River City Marathon

runrivercityThe 2014 Run River City Marathon is Peoria’s premier running event featuring a full marathon, marathon relay, half marathon, 10k, 5k, and youth run. All races start and finish downtown Peoria.

The marathon and marathon relay will be run on Sunday, May 18th at 7:00am.  More information and updates to follow at membership meetings and in our newsletter.