President’s Message

Time.  Talent.  Treasure.

In the Bible, Matthew 6:21 talks about, “showing God our love” with time, talent and treasure.  We often hear this same term bandied about in the not-for-profit sector as it relates to its volunteer base and stewardship.  The Moss Bradley Residential Association is a successful organization because of individuals giving of their Time, Talent and Treasure.

As a neighborhood, we are continually grateful for the people who give their precious time. It’s the participation and support of these individuals that allows us to help build and improve our neighborhood.

Last year, we introduced two awards to recognize individuals for their contribution to the Moss Bradley Residential Association: Volunteer of the Year and MBRA Beautification. The criteria and nominating process are found here.  The intent behind these awards is to formally recognize those individuals who really do make a difference for all of us through their time commitment or improvement of their property.

Please take a moment to read through the criteria and send in your nomination to recognize those people who make a difference.  Award recipients will be announced at the Annual Meeting & Potluck Dinner on May 3rd.

In addition to time and talent, the Moss Bradley Residential Association also make a financial commitment to the neighborhood.  As noted in the March 2016 newsletter, “We have been very fortunate over the past years to have had ever-growing success with the Moss Avenue Antique Sale & Festival.  What started out as a means of assisting with the financing of the Hanging of the Greens has grown into a very strong event, which now helps us reinvest in the neighborhood.”

I ask you to provide us with some suggestions of projects for our neighborhood to invest in.  You can do so by contacting any board member or submitting them to us at no later than March 31, 2017.

Councilman Chuck Grayeb

Spring is not far off–renewal and awakening time.

The recent announcement about Caterpillar moving its top executives has not played well in Peoria. For many years, we have been preparing for this possibility. The good news is that we have been successful! Peoria’s dominant employer is now the medical field. We have become a world class medical research and healing center. We now have a four year medical school and a government laboratory renowned throughout much of the world.

District Two remains a great place to live and a $100 million dollar investment will soon be made on The Hilltop. I am happy to recite the many blessings we have.

I predict Peoria will further diversify its economy and will soon begin to deal with its CSO/EPA issues, yielding great and green advances in our heritage neighborhoods and producing more local jobs. I hope we all take time to give thanks for what we have.

The most important thing this City has its resilient and courageous people. I am proud to represent all of Peoria as well as the Second District!

Our future is bright and we are moving forward to this Springtime of hope and renewal. By summer, some really exciting news will break about the old Chase Bank block.

Best to all!


from Joann Bannon

As usual, however, the numbers don’t tell the complete story! What we’re simply unable to count is the amount of effort and enthusiasm put into this project by the following members of the 2016-17 GREENS TEAM!

Please join me in thanking:

Tom Dougherty, Rick Melby and Michelle Funk, Rod and Karin Lorenz, Brian Buralli, Joe and Ed Merkle, Aaron Amstutz, Colleen Johnson,Sid Ruckreigel,  Matt Kindred & Remy Winget and their son Ryan, Andrew Rand, Jan Krouse, and Bradley volunteers from PKA Fraternity and the “Service on Saturday” project!

Remember that a portion of the revenue from the annual Moss Avenue Sale is used to purchase and dispose of the holiday greens, so an additional thank you goes to the many neighbors who generously allow vendors to use their yards during the sale.


The Greenway

Spring is coming and it’s time to start thinking about gardening. The Western Avenue Greenway has 9 x 11 organic garden plots available in April for your very own vegetable garden. The entire garden will be tilled in early April and water will be available through the summer at the site.

For information, call Martha Willi at 309-674-4500 or email her at

Johnpaul McGreal, a horticulturalist, and a member of the Western Avenue Greenway Board, is offering his professional horticultural services- garden advise-to the neighborhood. For a donation of $50.00 to the Greenway Johnpaul will solve your plant and landscaping dilemmas. Johnpaul has worked for Luthey Botanical Garden, Hoerr’s Nursery. Johnpaul enjoys using native plants
in the landscape and problem-solving landscape issues without the use of chemicals. Native plants have been shown to support the many pollinators we enjoy in our landscape.

You can contact Johnpaul via email at for more information