President’s Message

On Sunday, August 20th, over 50 people gathered for a special meeting of the Moss Bradley Residential Association to hear developer Scott Lewis, outline his plans for the proposed development of the property at Moss Ave. and Union Hill.  Mr. Lewis, his son Christian and his daughter Jordan, presented those in attendance with their vision of building high-end townhomes on the currently-vacant property.  Through site plans and photos, the Lewis team conveyed what they envisioned this residential development could be.

There was plenty of discussion and numerous questions between Mr. Lewis, neighbors and city staff.  Overall the feelings expressed were positive about this proposal and the possibilities it holds for our neighborhood.  There were some reservations stated, and I think that lie in each of our minds, as we reflect back to what transpired with the development of Main Street Commons.

Mr. Lewis and his team still need to appear before the Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) for approval of those elements of his development which fall under the HPC.  They will also be back in front of us at our October membership meeting, providing us an update and look at some of the proposed materials and color renderings of the development.

There are a number of items that are noteworthy about this development.

It is the first new significant construction in the neighborhood outside of the building of Westminster Presbyterian Church.  It is being developed on land that in general would be hard to develop.  This is due to the creativity of Mr. Lewis’ team developing a creative site plan and using the natural contours of the property as either building or green space.  As this development fills with residents, the taxes add to the city’s revenue base and the values of the townhomes help increase the comparable values of properties in the neighborhood.

There are a number of “positives” to this proposed development.  I am certain there are some neighbors who look at this with a jaded eye and question certain elements of the proposed plan.

As an organization and as a board, we have conveyed to Mr. Lewis we are willing to work with him to ensure this comes to fruition at the benefit of the neighborhood.  We have also noted to Mr. Lewis, as have Council members Grayeb, Jensen and Ruckriegel, that we will be supportive but very attentive to what is proposed and what actually is planned and constructed.  Knowing the quality of work performed by Scott Lewis Construction, we feel confident this will be the best solution for a problematic location.

I strongly suggest your attendance at the October 4th membership meeting as we follow up on the development of the Union Hill property.  The meeting will be held in the Fellowship Hall at Westminster Presbyterian Church.  Doors open at 6:30 PM with the meeting beginning at 7 PM.

See you there!


Councilman Chuck Grayeb

Next year one of the worst bridges in the State will be rebuilt. I want to thank those of you who participated in the three Douglas A. MacArthur Bridge colloquia which the City sponsored. Our new gateway bridge will continue to be iconic and will retain the Art Deco finials and will have sidewalk and bicycle lane.

A potentially exciting new project may be built on the vacant lot across the street from the Buddhist Temple in the 800 block of West Moss. I have insisted that any zoning be R4, single family residential, as this development contemplates townhomes. Scott Lewis is the potential developer. The Historic Preservation Commission must issue a Certificate of Appropriateness, and any new development must be approved by The City Council.

I have asked President Buralli to allow Developer Lewis to become much more specific about this project at the next MBRA Meeting in October. I am thrilled that a historically compatible development may replace an unsightly lot which has been a code enforcement challenge for some time.

Bradley University is continuing to build the new Convergence Center which will house the schools of Engineering and Business. As one of our top employers, Bradley continues to promote our West Bluff and regional economy.

We are continuing to work on our next city budget. We need to produce a balanced budget which does not set our neighborhoods back and which has a human face.

Happy Autumn and I look forward to seeing you soon.


City of Peoria Neighborhood Banquet and Awards

On Wednesday, November 1st, the City of Peoria will host the 2017 Neighborhood Banquet at the Peoria Civic Center from 6:00 – 8:30 p.m. This annual event celebrates the accomplishments of neighborhood associations and community advocates who have worked diligently with their neighbors, the City of Peoria, and the community at large to improve the quality of life in their communities.

The banquet is a time for neighbors from all across the City to gather and share the things that make us all “Appreciate Peoria”. Please join us for an evening of music, food, and fun to celebrate local leaders who work hard to improve our community.

The Moss Bradley Residential Association will be purchasing up to 4 tables to this event.  If you wish to attend as our guest, please notify us via email or by calling 309.369.2037.