A Recipe for the “Art-of-Being-Neighborly”

Submitted by: Joanne Bannon

When MBRA members gather, we typically share some combination of lively discussion, interesting entertainment, delicious food, and the ‘art-of-being-neighborly’! The May 2013 Annual Membership Meeting and Dinner was, of course, no exception!

The recipe for this years’ event included the following:

1 “Starter Batch” of neighbors to organize and plan the details, and recruit volunteers:

Shelly Funk, Paul Masick, Matthew Kindred, Rita Speck, Joanne Bannon


A handful of “Neighborhood Faithfuls” to help with logistics:

Skip Cravens – VIP invitation mailing, Marge Klise – dish arrangement, Karin Lorenz and Abby Alexande – dessert slicing and serving, Shelly Funk and Rick Melby – greeters and membership dues, Paul Masick – Fellowship Hall arrangements


3 History Buffs:

Matthew Kindred and Shelly Funk – MBRA 40th Anniversary trivia cards and photos

Guest Robert Anton – Mark Twain Portrayal


One Half Dozen Entrée Cooks:

Rita Speck, Remy Winget, Jane Lee, Karin Lorenz, Carol Spengel, Joanne Bannon – meat dishes


A Heaping Cup of Roll-Up-Your-Sleeve Helpers:

Many neighbors helped with set-up, dessert slicing and serving, clean-up, hosting our guests, and other efforts that made the event so lovely! Thanks to all!


1 Hearty Dash of MBRA Board Direction and Generosity:

2012-2013 President Rod Lorenz and Board Members to support event expenditures


Thank you to everyone who contributed to this perfect blend of the “art-of-being-neighborly”!!