The President’s Message

While doing some research for a client, I came upon a white paper published by the Urban Institute that focused on Neighborhoods. I found it of interest as I was reading it the day after our September membership meeting.

One of the hallmarks of our neighborhood and our association is our diversity. We do not use the term casually and to look at the makeup of the people, the homes, the backgrounds, the opinions…we can all truly say we are a diverse group.

I share the following with you as food for thought. Enjoy!

Brian Buralli

President's Message

The Value of Neighborhood Diversity

Neighborhoods matter to the well-being of children and families. They are the locus for essential public and private services, with schools perhaps the most significant. Quality grocery stores, reliable child care, safe after-school activities, and healthy recreational facilities also shape the quality of life a neighborhood offers its residents.

Neighbors help transmit the norms and values that influence behavior and teach children what is expected of them as they mature. Teenagers in particular are profoundly influenced by their immediate peer groups, which are often dominated by neighbors and school mates who have the potential to either fuel healthy competition over grades and athletics or pressure one another to join risky adventures or engage in illegal activities.

Where people live influences their exposure to crime and violence, including the risk of being a victim of burglary or assault. And research increasingly suggests that exposure to crime and violence has far-reaching consequences, such as persistent anxiety and emotional trauma.

Finally, some neighborhoods offer better access to job opportunities than others. Although few people work in the same neighborhoods where they live, proximity to job centers and the availability of mass transit can open up or constrain employment opportunities.

The Fieldhouse

The Fieldhouse“Welcome to our house, welcome to The Fieldhouse”. This is not just a catchy slogan for The Fieldhouse, it’s how they do business.

Located in Campustown Shopping Center directly adjacent to Bradley University, they are proud to be a locally owned business and specifically serving the Moss/Bradley, Uplands and Bradley community.

The Fieldhouse has deep roots in this area; owners John and Michelle Renick are long time residents of the Uplands; daughter Molly Hughes is the general manager/operator, and the other four Renick siblings all play a role in restaurant. Molly and her four brothers are all St. Mark alumni, as well as Molly’s four children.

They are proud to support many community events and causes, including Race for the Cure, Easter Seals, United Way as well as many philanthropy projects through Bradley University.

As the restaurant is celebrating their five year anniversary this month, they wish to thank everyone who has supported them throughout the years and to extend a sincere invite to any of our neighbors who have not had a chance to visit a community oriented, small family business here to serve you.

Get to Know Your Neighbor – Stephen & Carolina Erke

Get To Know Your Neighbor - ErkeWhere were you born:

Stephen – Peoria, IL

Carolina – Bogota, Colombia

Who was the most influential person to you: 

Stephen – Parents | Carolina – Parents

What type of music are you listening to now:

Stephen – Alt & Indie Rock | Carolina – Pop

What was your first job:

Stephen – Brown’s Sporting Goods

Carolina – Movie Theater Concessions

What accomplishment are you most proud of:

Stephen – Marrying the love of my life.

Carolina – Overcoming learning a foreign language and graduating college.

What is special about where you live:

We love the vibe of the neighborhood driven by the eclectic mix of homes, people and businesses. These qualities add to the overall richness and depth of the neighborhood. We love our house. It was built in 1918 and we’ve spent the last 8 years working on countless renovations with many more to follow.

Thru the Windshield: How do we look to those passing by?

Submitted by Marjorie Klise

Our first fall monthly meeting of the neighborhood organization started out calmly enough. We praised an amazing neighbor for generous work on behalf of all of us, we learned about new ways to communicate neighborhood news and information, and we welcomed representatives of the police department who do such a good job of providing safety and security for all of us……

…..but then, it seemed to me, to all go NIMBY on a very small scale. Some residents sense an increase of traffic on their street. Some resented speeders on their street. Others had to change their routines slightly to avoid perceived congestion.

All of these are serious concerns and needed to be handled by the very generous members of city staff who came, in the evening, to answer our questions and update us on all things traffic. They listened and told us their plans. But we soon turned to suggestions of how we could solve these problems by sending them to other streets, to become other people’s problems.

I think we are better than that. We know, certainly, if a driver can’t come down my street he/she will drive down someone else’s street. If I can’t wait an extra minute at a traffic signal then I can’t blame another driver for cutting thru residential streets because of his/her busy schedule.  And if I don’t slow my speed, we can’t ask others to ease up to 20 mph.

We have had quite an upheaval with intersection construction, traffic delays, new speed limits, narrowed lanes and it will take some adjustment and tweaking. However as we make these adjustments I trust that we will consider that this is our neighborhood, these are our streets and we live in an inner city of commerce and education and residency where we work to make life better for us all!

The Latest from Whittier Primary School

We are excited to announce that Peoria Public Schools presented Whittier with the PBIS Achievement and Success Award for the 2013-2014 year! We have also received a grant from the United Way!

Bradley University is back and we are fortunate to have many of their education students complete their novice teaching and student teaching assignments at our school. This year, we will also have a Honor Sorority volunteer in our school and help with special events!

Upcoming events​

Fall Festival – October 9, 2014

Columbus Day – No School – October 13, 2014

Parent Teacher Conferences – October 23rd and October 24th.

St. Mark School in October

St. Mark School would like to invite you and your children to our fantastic Halloween Harvest Festival on October 24, from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the school! Dress up in your best costume and enjoy games, fire escape rides, eats, and trick or treating.

We are also excited about our Grandparents Day on October 22. Our students get to invite their grandparents or other special person to enjoy lunch and see their classrooms. Super cool SMS Spirit Gear will also be on sale.

Our school year is now fully underway and besides the outstanding academics and faith formation that our students receive everyday, they also have many extracurricular opportunities. Chinese, soccer, IMSA Fusion, cheerleading, and our SMART program are just a few of the activities already underway.

We welcomed 20 plus new families whose children are enrolled at SMS and many continuing families at our Back to School Night on August. It is wonderful to see new and familiar faces. St. Mark School is flourishing on the hilltop!

Moss Bradley Revolving Fund

Moss Bradley Revolving Fund 1Submitted by Marjorie Klise

At the neighborhood May potluck, the guests were reminded of the work done by the Moss-Bradley Revolving Fund. At present the fund owns two houses (1405 Moss Avenue and 1721 Barker Street) which they are holding until that great family comes along to become part of our neighborhood.

We know the right family is out there somewhere and just has to take a look and be pleased at the charm of one or the other of these homes.

Given the recent stagnation of the real estate market we have held these properties longer than usual. So we appreciate anyone who tells a friend or relative to come to an Open House and see the potential in either of these homes. They are both well built, large family homes with interesting individual assets that will suit any number of potential buyers.

Those who attended the potluck also heard that we could be trying to bring more families to our area, but our purchases are limited by the money invested in the fund. We no longer can buy property for $50,000/$60,000 so our treasury is spread carefully and over fewer houses as we recognize our obligation to our mission and to our investors.

This idea of “revolving” the money, generously loaned to us by residents in the MBRA area and our friends, is one which has served our neighborhood well.

So we ask two things of you:

Please come and take a look at our properties when we have an Open House so you can spread the word to all of your friends. Or call any of us for a private showing.

Consider investing with us at any number of shares @ $125 each so that the Board which operates the fund can be more productive in making this the best Heritage Neighborhood in Peoria.

Moss Bradley Revolving Fund Board: Karin Lorenz, Abbie Alexander, John Haverhals, John McDonald, Raphael, Tom Dougherty, Darcy Ray and Marjorie Klise

Moss Bradley Revolving Fund 2

The Central Illinois Jazz Society

Submitted by: Dick Marsho, President

The Central Illinois Jazz Society
Serving Central Illinois Since 1978 presents CIJS House Band at 6:00 p.m.

Featuring Guest Group John Miller and the Romaniacs at 7:15 p.m.

Sunday, October 19, 2014
The Starting Gate Banquet Room, located in Landmark Recreation Center
3225 N. Dries Lane, Peoria
(Parking is available in Landmark lot and across Dries Lane)

John Miller and the Romaniacs will perform as the guest group for the Jazz Society’s October program. John Miller leads the Romaniacs on guitar. Joining John are Andy Crawford on bass, Joe Park on guitar, and Larry Harms on clarinet and soprano sax. The Romaniacs play a “gypsy jazz” style of music, based on that played by Django Reinhardt. The Hot Cub of France was the world’s first jazz club, established in 1933. The music was called “jazz hot” by the French. They hired many American artists, but the “house band” was Django’s Hot Club Quintet, who were Gypsies, along with violinist Stephane Grappelli. Grapelli was a trained musician. The Quintet played their version of American jazz, which had the Gypsy “overtones”, which may be referred to as an accent in a language. The Romaniacs have tailored this sound to create a blend of traditional gypsy songs, Django Reinhardt songs and modern American gypsy songs. For this concert, to give an authentic Django Reinhardt experience, all tunes will be Django Reinhardt compositions.

Their most recent CD, “Le Café des Rêves”, includes songs by vocalist, Beverly Barnes. This CD and their previous CD, “French Kiss”, will be available at our program. The CDs are on the WGLT play list. You will enjoy this lively music, which has become increasingly popular. The Romaniacs are the only Central Illinois band playing this style of music.

The Central Illinois Jazz Society (CIJS) House Band will play during the first set, under the leadership of Larry Harms. The CIJS House Band features outstanding jazz musicians from the area. They will entertain you with a mixture of jazz styles. For more information call 692-5330 or visit For more information about our location, visit Food and beverages are available for purchase at this live jazz program.

Admission:  $5.00 Members     $7.00 Non-Members     Students are free

Upcoming Events: November 16

Message from Councilman Chuck Grayeb

chuck-grayebI hope you are looking forward to the fall season when the leaves turn such beautiful colors. We continue to monitor and measure traffic in the West Moss/ Bradley area and are hopeful to get accurate counts after the Sterling Road work is completed. We will enhance enforcement of 20 mph limit and hope speed boards also send a message.

The West Bluff has in a few short months had almost three million dollars worth of work performed in its environs, impacting 20 streets. Four lit pedestrian crosswalks have just been completed. Two of them are west of Main and University, one at Underhill and Main Street, and one at Bradley and University.

We are enhancing overall police patrols in the area and fielding aggressive curfew operations throughout the City. If you see kids out after curfew, call the PPD at 673.4521.

I look forward to working with all of you  on any problems which arise. I want to congratulate our new Police Chief Jerry Mitchell on his appointment! 

Best wishes,

Chuck Grayeb

Westminster Presbyterian Church

submitted by Rev. Denise Clark-Jones

It was good to attend my first meeting of the Moss-Bradley Association last evening and to be introduced as the new Pastor of Westminster Presbyterian Church. It is a privilege to serve a parish in this historic and beautiful part of Peoria, and I want you to know that I appreciate the unique nature of this part of our city.

It was energizing to realize that the folks who live around the church are passionate and concerned citizens, willing to speak their minds and be active in the decisions that are made that effect this neighborhood. Historic neighborhoods like this are often lost due to apathy, and that is certainly not going to happen here!

I hope to be able to bring about a cordial relationship between the church and this community. I realize that all has not been smooth in the past, and I cannot assure you that the church will always please the community with decisions it must make to forward the cause of its ministry in this city and the world.

However, I promise to be a good listener, and where possible to find points of agreement that will help make us good neighbors. We are here to minister. And we hope that part of that ministry will see many of you come by to worship with us or take part in some special event that interests you.

Our doors are wide open … and no matter what, we will listen, and we will do our very best to be a meaningful and productive part of Moss-Bradley.

As the life of the community and church intertwine here on Moss Avenue, I hope that it will come to be a mutually affirming relationship. As you see me in and about the neighborhood, please take time to say hello and take some time to chat.

Job Posting  – Assistant Custodian
submitted by Mary Lee Caudle

The assistant custodian position is a 10-15 hour per week position. It requires someone who has flexible hours and weekend availability. The assistant custodian reports directly to the Pastor/Head of Staff and receives direction from the Properties Committee Chair.


– Maintains the outside grounds, as needed
– Helps with cleaning inside church building and the parish house.
– Serves as Sunday Sexton
– Opens and closes church as needed, and checks locks on church each night
– Cleans up after weddings, and other weekend events, and weekday evenings
– Must pass a background check

Send your resume to: : No phone calls

The Splendor of Christmas Past Event

The Peoria Historical Society will once again be hosting a holiday tour of historic homes over the first weekend in December.

Four homes will be available for tours on Saturday evening (Dec. 6) and Sunday afternoon (Dec. 7) including the historic Pettengill-Morron Home on Moss Avenue as well as the Judge John Flanagan Home on Glen Oak Avenue. Both of these homes are owned and operated by the Historical Society.

Also on the tour this year is the home of Mr. and Mrs. Brian Buralli, the president of the Moss-Bradley Residential Association.

Tickets are $12 in advance or $15 at the door. For more information or to make your reservations and purchase tickets, visit: or call (309) 674-1921.

The Splendor of Christmas Past 2014

Pettengill-Morron Historical House Museum Open House

Please join our Pettengill-Morron Historical House Museum Volunteers and Docents on Sunday, October 5 for our October First Sunday Open House. This date will be the final opportunity to view this season’s “The Fine Art of Hospitality” exhibit as we will soon begin preparations for the 2014 Holiday House Tour.

On October 5,  we will be highlighting autumnal décor throughout the home as well as welcoming all to enjoy our gift bazaar on the front porch. Several of our volunteers are working on the project of cataloging our linen collection.

Stop by and see them hard at work! Look for a special treat at the conclusion of your tour. Join us between the hours of 1 – 4 p.m. on Sunday, October 5.

We hope to see all of our Moss Bradley Neighbors!!