We Need Your Help

Years ago, MBRA had a number of committees which, over time, have become non-existent.  The board wishes to revitalize this structure and has instituted 3 committees: Communications; Social; and Welcome.

The Communications committee will be responsible for the internal and external communications of the organization including the newsletter, MBRA website, Facebook, email communications and other items as determined by the committee.  Current members of this committee include Colleen Johnson, Mary Ann Armbruster, Sarah Gruber, Alicia Butler and Brian Buralli.

Initial responsibilities for the Social committee will be assistance with and planning for a number of regular events: Membership meeting social, 4th of July Celebration, Annual Meeting & Potluck, Annual Holiday Party & Potluck. Other social activities will be established and planned by this committee.  Current members include Deborah Dougherty and Alicia Butler.

The Welcome committee will be responsible for identifying and welcoming new members to the neighborhood.  They will also be responsible  for communicating information regarding events within the neighborhood, and of course, the value of a membership within MBRA.  Other welcoming activities and materials will be developed by this committee.  Current members include Matt Kindred and Remy Winget.
We would love to have you be a part of any one of these committees and ask you to join us.  You can do so simply by emailing us at mossbradleynews@gmail.com or notifying any board member at any upcoming membership meeting.