Message from Councilman Chuck Grayeb

chuck-grayebSignificant safety issues for Whittier Elementary School students and residents have been reported to me, and I have asked Deputy Director of Public Works Scott Reeise to address them. We explored them at a recent MBRA meeting. I wish to thank City Manager Patrick Urich for immediately talking to the Principal of Whittier School after I brought these concerns to his attention.  When you read this, we will already have conducted a colloquium with Cottage District residents to consider appropriate traffic calming measures for this great neighborhood.

I recently met with the newly appointed President of Bradley University and assured him that a strong town/ gown relationship remains a priority of ours. He indicated that continued emphasis on public safety was very important to Bradley University and its personnel and that they would be continuing to review potential public safety emergencies, which might require a coordinated response from both the BU and Peoria Police Departments. I

have received overwhelming and highly positive response from all of you about the four electronic sign boards installed on Moss Avenue. Soon, additional speedtable work and handicap accessibility work will be done east ofMacArthur Highway along Moss Avenue.  In addition, work on Sheridan Road in general (and its bridge at Richmond) will soon commence as we complete University Street from Forrest Hill to War Drive.

Exciting business development initiatives are in the offing and additional announcements will be forthcoming for West Main Street as well.

Moss / Bradley is a great neighborhood and its engaged residents have made it so. I know Beth, Sid, and I are proud to serve you. Having two At-Large Councilors so eager to help us is huge. Our City Staff continues to provide topnotch service for a district Second to None! Also, kudos to Andrew Rand and Advanced Medical Transport for their many contributions to our Community. AMT was honored for its involvement at the State of the City Address delivered by Mayor Jim Ardis. AMT is a great Second District and City of Peoria business and made a critical decision to expand their operation in District Two a couple of years ago. Kudos need to go to Deb Dougherty, our newest member of the Historic Preservation Commission. Thank you Brian Gruber for your presentation and work on the Peoria Promise program which helps so many of our students. Best wishes for an early Springtime of renewal and hope.