Moss Bradley Revolving Fund

Moss Bradley Revolving Fund 1Submitted by Marjorie Klise

At the neighborhood May potluck, the guests were reminded of the work done by the Moss-Bradley Revolving Fund. At present the fund owns two houses (1405 Moss Avenue and 1721 Barker Street) which they are holding until that great family comes along to become part of our neighborhood.

We know the right family is out there somewhere and just has to take a look and be pleased at the charm of one or the other of these homes.

Given the recent stagnation of the real estate market we have held these properties longer than usual. So we appreciate anyone who tells a friend or relative to come to an Open House and see the potential in either of these homes. They are both well built, large family homes with interesting individual assets that will suit any number of potential buyers.

Those who attended the potluck also heard that we could be trying to bring more families to our area, but our purchases are limited by the money invested in the fund. We no longer can buy property for $50,000/$60,000 so our treasury is spread carefully and over fewer houses as we recognize our obligation to our mission and to our investors.

This idea of “revolving” the money, generously loaned to us by residents in the MBRA area and our friends, is one which has served our neighborhood well.

So we ask two things of you:

Please come and take a look at our properties when we have an Open House so you can spread the word to all of your friends. Or call any of us for a private showing.

Consider investing with us at any number of shares @ $125 each so that the Board which operates the fund can be more productive in making this the best Heritage Neighborhood in Peoria.

Moss Bradley Revolving Fund Board: Karin Lorenz, Abbie Alexander, John Haverhals, John McDonald, Raphael, Tom Dougherty, Darcy Ray and Marjorie Klise

Moss Bradley Revolving Fund 2