President’s Message

The role and value of strategic planning.

The work done by the MBRA Board of Directors is guided by a framework of ensuring the “day-to-day” activities of the neighborhood are handled in a coordinated, deliberate way.

However, a key piece of our work is how we look at our future aspirations as a neighborhood – how we ensure the legacy of Moss Bradley for future generations.  We must begin to create a road map that tells us where we are going and what kind of neighborhood we are going to be.  We simply cannot continue to hold on to the ways of the past and hope we remain a vibrant neighborhood.  This presents a great challenge for us.

The first step in this process will soon be implemented.  We are getting ready to launch a short survey which will provide us some insight into what you believe are important issues about our neighborhood.  It’s not going to ask about renters/landlords or traffic/speed as we know those are very real and present issues that have plagued us for quite a while.  What this survey will do is help us identify issues that are important to you – finding out attitudes and reactions, to measure your satisfaction and to gauge opinions about various issues.

We will post the survey online for those of us who utilize the internet as our preferred means of communication.  Notification will be made via email and our Facebook account.  For those individuals who prefer, we will have hard copies available at both the March and April Membership meetings.  Our plan is to also have individuals canvas the neighborhood and reach those individuals that are not currently members.

The results of this survey will provide the Board of Directors a better understanding of its membership and their concerns.  It will also serve as a guide for how we approach the coming years in a strategic manner.