The President’s Message

Again the start of the Moss-Bradley year was busy. The activities started early with numerous residents helping to staff a water station for the first River City Marathon. That same afternoon, several Moss Avenue residents opened their homes for the “Best Ever” Home Tour. Next came the Moss Avenue Sale and Festival. The weather was beautiful, the mix of vendors was great, the food was a good mix of snacks to savory sandwich’s and pizza and the turnout was awesome. Hats off to Jan Krouse and her team.

The July 4th event changed in sponsorship some this year, but refreshments were served, ponies were ridden and the Peoria Pops music was enjoyed by all. Another event was the Welcome Back to the Neighborhood cookout co hosted by MBRA and the Bradley Campus Coalition for Wellness. Many thanks to all volunteers that gave of their time, talent and energy to make these events happen.

Also, in transition is the newsletter. By now, you are aware we are moving to an online offering.  There are many advantages to an online version, but not to worry, hard copy will still be available if so desired. The newsletter team is doing an excellent job of getting the word out and we feel good things are yet to come.

Our first membership meeting will be Wednesday, September 4th at 7:00p.m. First, we will have a report from the city regarding a concern we have for our trees that beautify our neighborhood. Many established trees have been cut back or completely cut down, so we intend to raise our concerns. Second, we will have a report on the activities of the Greenway, also busy and in need of support.

In closing, we would ask you to consider becoming involved. You see many are already active, but there is room for more. “To dance, one must get on the floor.”

Jim Evenhuis,
President MBRA