Westminster Presbyterian Church Jazz Vespers


On Sunday, October 18 at four in the afternoon, Westminster Presbyterian Church inaugurated a new Jazz Vesper service.  For some time the church felt the need to expand its worship format into new territory.  Looking over the various possibilities, they decided to stay within the tradition of Westminster’s commitment to using only the finest music for worship.  Thus, the decision to feature jazz,  the great American musical form.

Dave Hoffman and various friends fill the church with everything from cool to hot jazz in praise of God.  Dave doesn’t water anything down, so we hear the best of his art in this service of worship.

Vespers are a very old tradition in the Christian Church.  The form is simple with Scripture, Prayers and music … along with a short Homily (sermon). It is a forty minute service, keeping it within the bounds of possibility for even younger children.  We hope it will truly become a way to bridge all age groups … worshipping together each week. (We do provide a nursery for the smallest children.)

The service will continue through the first week of December.  The second Sunday in December is our traditional service of Lessons and Carols.  Then on the third Sunday of December, we will celebrate a Jazz Christmas that will be a surprise for all, and a real treat.

After the Jazz Christmas, we will take a break until the third Sunday of January.  From then the service extends weekly through the end of May, with the exception of Easter Sunday. Come and join us for Jazz Meets Faith at four each week at Westminster Presbyterian Church!