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Moss Bradley Residential Association

Moss-Bradley is a non-profit organization chartered in 1973 whose purpose is to maintain a desirable residential district for the mutual benefit of residents and to preserve the architectural and historical heritage of the area. Our membership is composed of homeowners, renters, landlords and businesses.

Annual dues are $12.00 and are due on May 1st.  Our members meet September through May at the Pettengill-Morron House Museum, 1212 W. Moss. Meetings are the first Wednesday of the month beginning with a half hour social at 6:30 pm and the meeting commencing at 7:00 pm . Guests are welcome.

Throughout the year special activities provide our members and residents with a social atmosphere meant to help them get better acquainted and to provide the opportunity to participate in good, wholesome fun. Our great Christmas party, Annual Meeting & Potluck Dinner, Fourth of July activities, and the Moss Avenue Sale, have provided a great opportunity to socialize and get to know your neighbors. We are particularly fortunate to have in our midst many energetic, results-oriented people, many of whom have been members since our beginnings in 1973.

To become a member of the Moss Bradley Residential Association, mail the following information, along with $12.00 annual dues to:

Sid Ruckriegel, Treasurer, Moss-Bradley Residential Association, 1230 W. Moss Ave, Peoria IL 61606

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Board of Directors


President: Earl Power Murphy

Vice President: Sarah Gruber

Treasurer: Sid Ruckriegel

Secretary: Peter Kobak


Katie Fitch

Rick Melby

Spencer Null

Brian Slater

Shari Wynn


Revolving Fund

In the fall of 1975, the concept for a Revolving Fund was presented to an open meeting of the Moss-Bradley Residential Association. At that meeting, eighteen families and individuals subscribed to the fund.

The purpose of the fund is to acquire properties in need of greater than normal repair. We then interview candidates wishing to buy these houses (which need lots of “do-it-yourself TLC”) located in the Moss-Bradley area, at a favorable price. In this way, we are all helping improve our historical neighborhood by eliminating blighted properties. Our collective investment works to enhance the area and consequently elevates the value of all of our properties. We have acquired and resold over 25 properties to date.

We wish to interest newer residents – or established residents – in subscribing to our Fund. Past investors have made loan/gifts in amounts of $125 per unit, or $250, $500 and $1000. Each amount has been appreciated and used to the good of us all. As the cost of properties has risen over the past years, we are in need of more funds to handle the opportunities to improve our neighborhood. Your investment, if you wish it to be a loan, will return an annual interest check comparable to a regular savings account or higher. You may cash your stock in at any time you feel you need or want to.

We hold an annual meeting each January to keep our investors informed, elect board members and ask for direction from you, our neighbors and shareholders. This was the first such fund of its kind in the State of Illinois. Others have been modeled after ours. Let’s keep our Fund strong for tomorrow! We need your support. Please join!

The Moss-Bradley Revolving Fund, a non-profit agency with the objective of providing incentives and opportunities for those investing in the West Bluff of Peoria, is offering a house for sale on reasonable terms, plus the availability of low interest renovation funds. The house is located in the Cottage District, a portion of the Moss-Bradley neighborhood, to a person, or persons, who will become a resident occupant of the property and make a commitment to its renovation and restoration.

This property has been purchased for the express purpose of resale to an interested candidate who agrees to become a resident owner and improve the property. The property will be sold on a warranty deed (contract for deed) basis with required improvements listed as a condition of sale. Once those conditions are met, and by the time the prospective owner usually has made many other improvements as well, the property then is put on a conventional mortgage. The higher appraisal minimizes or eliminates the cash required at this step to proceed to a conventional mortgage.

Persons applying to be considered to purchase the house will be interviewed to assure that they are familiar with the process and the improvements which will be required. Once the warranty deed is executed, the purchaser also becomes eligible to receive low interest renovation funds, also at reasonable terms.

The Moss-Bradley Revolving Fund | 309.676.5311 or 309.637.7528

Walking Tour

Download Walking Tour PDF

Neighborhood… “a particular region,” “people living near one another,” “a segregated area of a larger district.” This may be how Webster defines “neighborhood,” but a visit to the Moss-Bradley neighborhood will show you how incomplete this definition is. We are a group of people, in a variety of houses, amid the culture of a university, in the center of a city, who work together to create a very special living environment.

In the early twentieth century, High Street and Moss Avenue attracted many wealthy Peorians—they used their imaginations and money to build their dream houses on the bluff. This opulence can still be found in the ornamental iron works, turrets, and fish scale shingles that adorn many of our neighborhood’s houses. The years have brought many alterations, but as you walk through our neighborhood you will still find the beauty and attention to detail that made this area Peoria’s preeminent neighborhood in the late nineteenth century. You will see careful workmanship throughout the area—from the substantial “four-squares” to the small worker cottages.

Formed more than 30 years ago, our residential association helps ensure the survival of our architecture and our relationships. And we continue to meet and study and work and celebrate together. We voted to make part of our area an historic district, limiting our personal choices in maintenance and alterations to preserve the character of the neighborhood.

We invite you to enjoy this walking tour, learn some of our area’s history, view our homes and gardens, and stop and chat. Welcome!

Moss Avenue Sale

The Annual Moss Avenue Antique & Collectible Sale

This is the only fundraiser for MBRA and the proceeds are used to beautify our common areas, donate to worthy causes and continue having great parties such as the Potluck and the Christmas Party. The proceeds are also used to purchase the greens with which we decorate the lamp poles at Christmas.

For more information, please cal Jan Krouse at 309.648.2538.